About Us

The journey for this Lollie & Party superstore started in 30 years ago in 1980 when Managing Director Paul Gordon was a wholesaler and distributor in the cake and confectionary business.

As Paul's ambitions grew, two years later in 1982 he formed his first retail store in South Melbourne Market. By 1987 he opened his second retail outlet called Cool Hand Luke's Lollies in Essendon.

The business grew considerably and by 1995 Paul felt it was time for the business to expand and he opened a much larger store Dolphin Shadows in Garden Drive, Tullamarine, which catered not only to his retail customer but also to the wholesaling customers.

By 1999 four years after Paul had opened the confectionary wholesale side, they had soon outgrown and decided to relocated to a new larger premises in Westmeadows, Victoria. This time there was 20 000 square feet to unleash the vision and this is where The Biggest Lollie Shop In The World was born.

Soon after the relocation to the larger premises, Paul incorporated party products and party hire into The Biggest Lollie Shop In The World. To date, this has been a very successful move in the business and the business continues to grow with hundreds of lines being introduced on a regular basis.

To date in 2015, Paul together with his wife Robyn run the business with a successful team on workers to ensure that the customers needs are met with loyalty and commitment to their customers.

The Biggest Lollie Shop In The World is now bigger than ever, and Paul is expanding it every day with new products.

The Biggest Lollie Shop In The World is one the of the best confectionary and party shops after all the years of hard work by Paul and Robyn Gordon, ''it takes alot of work but is all worth it to see how the business has grown over the years'' quoted by Paul.

All this dedication and hard work couldn't be done without his wife Robyn by his side.